I love your blog so much! When are you going to do another part to I like my lambas soft in the mornings because I loved those so much and you haven't done a new one yet.

Hey! Thanks for the question.
Well, I am basing my fanfic off the movie rather than the book (because Leggy isn’t in the book). I’ve currently reached the end of Desolation of Smaug, so I’ll have to wait for the next movie to come out before I continue!!
I am really sorry about the long wait. In the meantime, I will be write a prequel to the story (meeting the dwarves, the trolls, rivendell e.t.c) so if anyone can think of a good name please feel free to send ‘em in :) xxx

I have question about personalized fanfic. Am I going to write my own oneshot or I will send my request to you? Sorry, if I'm misunderstood about that.

Hey!! If you send me in a submission with your appearance, likes/dislikes and a plot, that would be great xx :)

Imagine Legolas watching over you whilst you slept in case you had a bad dream.

If Legolas were to have a son or a daughter, what do you think he would name him or her? xo

Oooh great question!! Well, I have a headcanon that if Leggy ever had a little girl, he woukd call her Yavie (autumn in elvish). As for a son… I think he woukd choose something regal and elegant, like perhaps Earendil (one who loves the sea). They’re my own personal choices, what do you think?

What's the deadline for the personalized fic?

well i started college today, so I’ll be writing the first one up at the weekend, then the next one probably next weekend xxx

Imagine, despite his initial surprise, Legolas treating you no differently when he discovers you are non-binary.

This is not a question. I lovee your tumblr :)

dude i just saw your icon and literally squealed in excitement :) thank you very much for your lovely message (and also for orlando’s beautiful face…)

Random but I hope your day has been well!!!

Thank you so much!! In fact, I have had a lovely day today :) I hope yours has been great too! xxx

Imagine getting Legolas a loveable and hyper-active Chihuahua for his begetting day.

Requested by srgthamy

I want to enter a request but I'm terrible at plots :C

Seriously I love everything that you guys send in to me, even if it’s ‘Gandalf accidentally turns Legolas into a hamster and now hamster!Legolas has to save middle earth’
Please please please NEVER feel worried sending ANYTHING in. I always always appreciate it!!! xxx