Imagine Legolas being 100% done with everyone’s shit.

Reqiested by anon.

It’s not that hard to imagine really
Legolas is a moody little sod.

That anon was right, you're the most beautiful creature in the realms of Arda !!

*actually bursts into tears* you are all so lovely oh my…
thank you so much :’) oh my giddy aunt I’m going to need a cup of tea to calm me down ;) xxx thank you very much xxx

Are you currently writing any oneshot?

Not at the moment, sorry! I’ve got a lot of work on at the moment, but I have a holiday in a week, so I’ll probably get a few done then. Feel free to send in any suggestions xxx

Awww your reaction was so adorable youre a real sweetheart~ I love you and your blog so :33 (sorry for my bad english x) )

thank you thank you thank you!! (and you’re English is fab. I’m always awed by people who are able to speak languages that aren’t their first language so well!! I only know a tiny bit of German and that’s it!) xxx

So biology students in my college are making biology-cakes for the ‘great biology bake-off’ (if you’ve not seen the Great British Bake-Off you’re missing out)

And basically here is my entry.
I made a eukaryotic cell cake :)
Strawberry laces around the edge: phospholipid bilayer
Big orange blob with red blob in it: nucleus and nucleoid
Green sausages: mitochondria
Sprinkles: ribosomes
Half-maltesers: vesicles
Red laces in the middle à la sprinkles: rough endoplasmic reticulum
Orange wiggles: golgi apparatus
Icing: cytoplasm

This is the most excting thing that’s happened to me in a while…

You are so cuuute :3

*flails around like a hairy slug*
THANK YOU :’) you’ve just made my day omg you are very kind xx

YOOO so I nearly have 1500 followers I am in awe and would like to say thank you very much to all of you, seriously you are the best.

Also I’m feeling kind of good today so here’s my face… (apologies for my hair… it was straight this morning but it rained on the way home soooo…)

Imagine forcing Legolas to marathon your favourite TV series with you.

Legolas: So these men are ‘hunters’?

You: Yes, they hunt supernatural things, hence the title…

Legolas: So which one’s which?

You: Sam’s the hot tall one, Dean’s the hot short one.

Legolas: *exhales loudly through nose*

Imagine Legolas trying to make you giggle in the middle of a very important meeting by pulling silly faces.

Imagine beating Legolas at your favourite video game.