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Imagine the reader living in Mirkwood for most of her life, even though she is human. She’s also good friends with Legolas. When the dwarves arrive, Fili flirts with her, but she is generally friendly and kind to him. Legolas misinterprets this and gets jealous. He admits he had feelings for her — fluff ensues when she says she feels the same. And if you wanted, you could throw in an awkward Thrandy-walk-in moment, they’re always entertaining Thanks!

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You craned your ears once more, but were now sure of the sounds that you had heard. Gruff, angry voices which were certainly not elvin, combined with the unmistakable clang of metal hitting stone which meant swords being dropped. You had visitors.
Running from your chambers, you sprinted towards the gates, anxious to see the intruders. Mirkwood was a beautiful place, with intricate wooden staircases and breathtaking scenery, but it was pretty lonely when you had nothing to do all day but stare at elves. Legolas, the King’s son, had forbidden you from joining him on hunting trips, much to your annoyance. He had mentioned that he considered it ‘too dangerous’ for a woman, an excuse which offended you extremely.
You finally reached the throne of Thranduil, panting, just in time to see a band of short, bearded men be led towards you.
“Dwarves…” you breathed in wonder.
You had always been told tales of the dwarves. Ever since you were a little girl, you knew the stories of Erebor off by heart. But to you, that was all they were. Stories. Never had you believed that you would ever actually see a dwarf in the flesh…
At your voice, one of the dwarves near the front of the group turned to look at you. He was blonde, his face not wearied by time, as with his fellow companions. His hair reached past his shoulders, and in his moustache was plaited down each side of his mouth. You had to admit, he was quite handsome.
The young dwarf winked at you, then faced forwards once more. You were taken aback. Perhaps it was merely a trick of the light, but no. That was definitely a wink.
Legolas walked behind the band, his bow grasped tightly in his hand. He glanced over to you, and the ghost of a smile played on his lips. He knew of your desire to see a real dwarf, you had even told him your mother’s stories many a night by the fireside.
Walking towards you, he gripped your arm tightly and spun you around.
“Let my father deal with these,” he whispered, his hot breath tickling your ear, and led you away, leaving the dwarves to the wrath of Thranduil.
You were on guard duty that night, one of the only jobs that Legolas had allowed you to undertake. He had originally been unwilling to let you go that night, saying that it was not ‘safe’, there were too many ‘dangers’.
“Seriously, Legolas. They are in CELLS.” You had accentuated, desperate to witness the unusual creatures, “It’s not like they can walk through metal…”
Eventually, he had begrudgingly agreed, but not without promising to always be close by you in case something went wrong. The man could be ridiculous sometimes.
You were slightly apprehensive as you climbed the steep stone steps towards the cells, not sure what to expect. As you neared them, you heard snoring. Some soft, some blaringly loud. A hand reached up instinctively to cover your ears, you were not used to such sounds, having lived in the elvin kingdom for many a year.
“I know right?” came a voice from your left, and you spun round, shocked to see the blonde-haired dwarf from that morning staring at you with a cheeky grin etched onto his ruggedly handsome face.
“Try living with them for three months. I haven’t had a decent night’s sleep in forever.”
An unexpected laugh came from your mouth, and you walked closer to the dwarf, curious.
“I’m Fili. What’s your name, gorgeous?”
“(Your name)” you replied, “human.”
“Yeah, I guessed as much.” The dwarf said, absent-mindedly twiddling with his beard, “You don’t have that whole, ‘bow down to me’ look about you. Also, you’re very pretty. I’m not a big fan of elvish maidens…”
Your mouth opened in surprise but you quickly closed it. Be cool. For once.
You continued chatting with the dwarf late into the night, describing the stories your mother used to tell, and your fascination with his species. The dwarf, on the other hand, found a way to compliment you in every way that he could.
Little did you know, Legolas was watching you from the shadows, his fists clenched together so tightly the knuckles had turned white.
The next morning, you woke early to the sounds of birds singing. Stretching, you got out of bed and walked towards your dressing table, attempting to brush the clumpy knots from your long hair. A yawn escaped your lips.
You were exhausted. You had spent almost all of last night talking to Fili, the blonde dwarf, and had had almost no sleep.
A sharp gasp of pain came from your moth as you tugged on a particularly stubborn knot, almost pulling your hair out in the process. Sighing, you put down the brush and just plaited your hair in a long plait down your back.
There was a knock on the door, and you spun around, plait whipping your face.
“Come in.” you shouted cautiously, hoping that you weren’t needed for a ball or party. There was no way your hair was going to cooperate.
The door opened slowly and Legolas peeked in.
“May I come in?”
“Of course,” you replied, glad to have an excuse to leave the hair alone.
He opened the door and walked through, nervously looking downwards, refusing to catch your eye. You wondered what was wrong.
“Are you alright?” you asked him, concerned.
He sighed, and walked towards you. Standing up, you looked up into his eyes, and started. They were full of something you had never seen before. An intense, unknown emotion that you could not describe. His hand reached out and grasped yours, hard.
“I do not like you talking to that dwarf.”
You stepped back in shock, but his firm hand kept you in place. Your heart thudded in your chest. Never before had you seen Legolas this angry.
“Why?” you asked simply.
His eyes betrayed more emotion than his face did. A deep, dark look of possession flashed across them for one millisecond, and your breath raced. You could feel the pulse beating quickly in the wrist that he was grabbing onto like a trapped hummingbird.
Legolas noticed too, and immediately let you go and stepped back, guilt flashing across his beautiful features.
“I’m sorry.” he stated blankly, turning to leave, “I did not mean to scare you…”
“Wait!” you called out, grabbing his wrist weakly.
At your touch, he spun around, closed the gap between you and crushed his mouth to yours, angry and possessive and so, so desperate.
When he finally broke the kiss, you were both breathing heavily, awkwardly looking anywhere but at eachother.
“That’s why.”
“I’m sorry…” he said again, stepping back from you, his eyes lowered, “I’m sorry…”
“Shut up.” You said simply, taking a long stride so you were face to face with him once more.
“Shut up you stupid, beautiful oaf…”
And with that you were kissing again, his arms wrapped around your waist, yours tangled in his long, blonde hair.
“Stupid idiot…” you muttered between kisses, “Stupid, stupid…”
A crash came from behind you and you both jumped and whirled around to see your door bursting open and a very perturbed Thranduil standing in the doorway.
“The… the dwarves have… um… escaped….”
You had never before seen Thranduil speechless, but at that moment, he looked as if he was about to combust with awkwardness. Your face immediately flushed red as he took in your positions, intimately wrapped around one another.
“Yes father.” replied Legolas, refusing to let you wriggle away from him, holding you tightly, “Give me two minutes.”
Thranduil nodded, and without a word, closed the door, a look of embarrassment etched onto his face.
“I’m going to kill you…” you muttered, your cheeks dark red.
“Good luck with that. Now, where were we?”
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Imagine trying to make Legolas uncomfortable by making everything he says into an innuendo.

You: *tries to get comfortable on the rocky ground*

You: *fails*

You: Ugh, this is officialy the worst place I have ever slept…

Legolas: If it would make you more comfortable, you may have my bed instead.

You: Only if you buy me a drink first sweetie.

Legolas: *blushes furiously*

Aragorn: *bursts into laughter*

Imagine Legolas cooking you a romantic dinner, but accidentally burning everything. He feels terrible, but you assure him that his love is worth more to you than even the crispiest of bacon.

Imagine having a horse-riding race with Gimli and Legolas.

Requested by anon

(Obviously, Legolas would show off…)

I Like My Lembas Soft in the Morning - Part 20 (Your point of view)

"Uuughhh," you groaned as you sat up groggily, a sharp pain shooting through your skull.

Immediately, your mind wandered to where you had been last, and you vaguely remembered a large bar, packed with dwarves. 

Looking around you at the cozy room, filled with old wooden furniture, the events of last night began to return to you. A vague sense of dread overwhelmed you as you recalled lunging for Thorin’s neck, being held back by Fili. You had been ready to attack again, but felt an excruciating pain in the back of your head, before passing out.

You had felt that pain before. You had been hit by something, and pretty hard as well.

Standing up on shaky legs, you walked around the room, picking up and examining artefacts that you came across. A large fish hook, old but sturdy, lay on a wooden desk next to a jar of pickled herrings. A fat book bound in leather rested alone on a weary, creaky bookshelf.

You spun around quickly as you heard the door begin to open. Fili walked in sheepishly, his shoulders low, his usual swagger masked. 

"(Your name)," he began, almost guilty.

You twigged immediately.

"YOU!" you shouted, pointing at him with an accusatory finger, "You knocked me out!"

Taking a large step forwards, you intended on repaying him the favour, but with your head injury, you lost balance and stumbled. Fili quickly ran forward to hold you up, his thick fingers twisting around your upper arms to keep you steady.

"I’m sorry." he stated simply, guilt masking his face, "I didn’t really want to see you murdering my uncle, no matter how much he annoys me…"

At that, you couldn’t help but grin, and you wrapped your arms around Fili, burying your face in the top of his head.

"I missed you, you total troll-brain." you snorted, releasing him and rubbing his arm friendlily.

"Yeah, I’m sure you did," he replied, looking relieved that you had forgiven him so easily.

"Nice hit…" you muttered, rubbing the back of your head and wincing.

"Really sorry about that…" he repeated, his face flushing red, "I didn’t know how else to do it…"

You waved away his apology noncomittaly, happy just to be reunited with your friend. Fili had been a brilliant companion during the many weeks you had spent on this quest. The young dwarf and his brother brought you much needed laughter and joy during the endeavour, where you only found anger elsewhere. Your brow wrinkled in confusion. Something was wrong. If Fili was standing here in front of you, where was his pain-in-the-ass little brother? The two could barely ever be seperated, it made no sense that Fili would come to greet you on his own.

"Where is Kili?" you asked, and the reaction on the face of the blonde-haired dwarf in front of you broke your heart. His head dropped and shoulders stooped and you could have sworn that you saw fat tears glistening in the corers of his eyes.


Not Kili.

He couldn’t be…

"He is wounded," replied Fili finally, and a sigh of relief ran through your whole body. Wounded. But still alive.

You remembered the fight at the river, and how he had been hit by an arrow from one of those foul creatures. The practice of dipping arrow-tips in poison was a perverse and frowned-upon one, but the poison used by the orcs was more terrible than all. If Kili had truly been hit by one of these arrows, he did not have a lot of time left. You saw on the face of Fili that he knew this fact already. He was ready for his brother to die any minute.

"Can I see him?" you asked gently, placing a warm hand on Fili’s shoulder as a comforting gesture.

He nodded and led you out of the room towards his ill brother. You took a deep breath and readied yourself for the sight. Kili was too young. Too innocent to die in such a way.

Fili led you into a large main room, with a single bed in the centre of it. Even from your distance, you couldn’t miss the scent of rotting meat and the feeble wails of pain. Bile rose to your throat as you saw him, pale as the night, with eyes that were so bloodshot, the whites had turned to a sea of blood.

"Oh Kili…"

It was just at that moment, that an arrow flew through the open window and thudded into the wooden panel beside your head, a hair’s breadth from your skull.

They had found you.

Hey! I adore your blog so much~~~<3 But I have a question, when are you going to write more of the Legolas Fiction? :D I'm only asking, so you don't need to answer right away :) And keep up the good work, and I also have to say that I think you are sooooo beautiful !!!! I really want your hair and eye color !!!!!!!!!!!!!! 😍 Love ~

Thank you!! xx Actally I am writing up the next chapter this very second :) So happy to know that you’re following and enjoying it xx

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